Welcome to the Dancethropology podcast!

Join us as we delve deep into the realms of dance culture.
From dance music thru to the reasons why we dance, and the importance of dance across many cultures and how it effects us.

Each season will be made up of 5 one on one long-form discussions, between selected authorities and myself. Tracing a chronological time-line, from the beginnings of that culture up until present day.

I hope you’ll enjoy hearing from some often un-heard voices.

For the debut season of Dancethropology,
we will be taking an in-depth look at the minds behind some of Melbourne’s now extinct, iconic underground night spots.
In some ways they are all akin to places of worship in their own right. These essential tombs of culture have faced an interesting change with the advent of technology. The venues left standing, face a whole new raft of challenges especially now with the current state of social distancing.

Nightclubs have long been cultural & creative incubators, spaces free of judgement and filled with every type of person imaginable.
A place where weirdness & self expression is encouraged and celebrated, allowing the curious minds the freedom to express themselves, without fear of discrimination. To be able to freely experiment & make new connections, that in some instances went on to launch entire careers & industries.

I hope you enjoy!

Dancethropology was recorded & produced on Wurundjeri country, we humbly pay our respects to elders past present & emerging.